The Moscow Brewing Company opened in February, 2013. A diminutive operation on the "Nano" scale, we are happy to rekindle a rich brewing heritage here in Moscow, Idaho. The original Moscow Brewery was built on the corner of A & Main in 1882, and survived brewers' mental illness, infighting, bankruptcy, and industrialization before ultimately succumbing to arson in 1908.

We are proud to live in a rich cultural and agricultural area here on the Palouse, with most of the provisions for making beer grown in our backyard. World-class Barley, Wheat, and Hops are at our fingertips, with farm and institutional innovation and infrastructure constantly offering an endless creative palette to the brewer.

We aim to produce beers that celebrate this Northwest bounty, and tip our hats to the brewers, farmers, and first peoples who have been celebrating this synergy long before us.

We hope you love our beers as much as we love making them.